Information is Control

One of the first revelatory things I’d learned about race was from an old episode of This American Life that addressed the practice of Redlining. My little suburban mind was blown. Over the last 15 years, I have been consistently inconsistent about most things in my life, but one constant has been my desire for […]

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Book Review: Field’s Gold

In Pieces by Sally Field My rating: 5 of 5 stars Based on Sally Field’s acting chops, it’s clear there’s a real depth that she pulls from, but I hadn’t given much thought to her background and/or learning more about it. I read this book because my cousin had suggested it to me and I’m […]

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A Cure for the Common Cold

I’ve come out of hiding. Because I took a cross-country trip and only wrote about it once? Because after nine years away, I’ve moved back into my old neighborhood and it’s been part PTSD and part revelation? Because I’m unemployed and should have been writing all along? NO! NONE OF THAT! I’m back to write […]

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Da Trek: Minivan on a Road Trip

My husband and I currently in the process of moving back home to Chicago after nearly six years in Seattle. Before we settle down in the Midwest for a bit, we wanted to soak up the best of the West, Southwest, and some of the South, so we are taking a seven week road trip […]

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Once Upon a Time in the Pacific Northwest

We moved west for the mountains. Me, because I wanted to marvel at them. Him, because he wanted to hike them. In 2013, my then-boyfriend/now-husband and I packed up our 2006 Chrysler Minivan (a gift from his dad) and drove 2,000 miles to Seattle. We didn’t have jobs, but we had secured an apartment and […]

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Book Review: Don’t Trust Hot, Smart, Injured Dudes

The Stranger Beside Me: Ted Bundy: The Shocking Inside Story by Ann Rule My rating: 4 of 5 stars This should be on every true crime buff’s reading list. I’d grown up hearing about Ann Rule and Ted Bundy from my mom because she loved this book and was fascinated by their friendship. Theirs is […]

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What We Keep (What to Read in the Rain)

Each year, The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas (or BFI) releases a collection of written pieces around a theme; this year’s theme was growth. Local writers and students from BFI all contribute. This year, I was lucky enough to be chosen. The books will be available to purchase on the site soon, but are […]

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