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Two drinks in

Before we go any further, I want to thank you. Clicking on the About Me page means you wanted to learn more about me. I’m flattered. Maybe you like what’ve you’ve read and want to know my history or maybe we went to high school together, but haven’t spoken in 15 years, and it’s 1 AM and you can’t sleep and you’ve fallen down a Facebook black hole. Maybe you hate me and want to compile more reasons to do so. Hey, whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

So, I’m Kate Sammon and I’m from a town called Des Plaines, Illinois, home of Johny Wayne Gacy. Lots to love about that town! It’s just outside of Chicago, where I went to undergrad and lived for a good part of my 20’s. Then I lived abroad in Latin America, then I came back home, then I lived in Seattle for six years, and now I’m back in Chicago. Such a Millenial, amiright?!

I studied Theater in college, did some comedy stuff, but ultimately realized that my truest love was writing. Here’s where I (despite my cubicle-bound existence from nine to five) get to do my favorite thing.

I write:

  • creative nonfiction opinions and feelings
  • book reviews
  • advice
  • this blog (duh)

The biggest compliment you can give me is sharing my stuff. (Even if we haven’t talked in 15 years and it’s 1 AM.)

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