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I realize that the time I spend thinking about how much I hate the overuse of “lol” could be better spent hating things like famine or factory farms or adults still wearing Livestrong bracelets (all things I do hate when they come to mind, by the way), but those things aren’t thrown in my face […]

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In the 6th grade, one of our assigned reading books was The Secret of NIMH. For those unfamiliar with the story, it’s about a recently widowed mouse (yes, I just said “widowed mouse”) who needs to move her home out of a tractor’s path, but can’t because her little mouse son has pneumonia. If you’d […]

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A Wednesday Share

Greetings from the pits of the plague. I have the flu and this is the most capable I’ve been in four days. By “most capable”, I mean sitting here on the couch, slightly upright and typing. What a victory. Anyway, I heard something today I thought was worth sharing.   If I think something is moving, […]

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10 Years Ago Today I Turned Nineteen…And My Dog Died

The other night I dreamt about my childhood dog. It’s a recurring dream and while the setting is always different, she’s always the same- frail, old and in need of something, usually water or medical attention and I’m the only one that can get it for her. Upon waking up from this dream, it occurred […]

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I Can’t Do This Alone (And I Wouldn’t Want To)

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Remember me? I’m the girl who moved across the country last May to live in sin in with her boyfriend in Seattle. Well, we’re still not married (because duh), but we are still together!Just like many other things that I’ve tried to prepare myself for, I knew this move would be hard, […]

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My Mom Smells Good. And She’s Funny. And Smart.

My mom smells good. She always smells good. And she’s funny. And smart. And my mom can really put a room together. She hates squirrels and scares them away with cap guns. She recently told me, “Oh, Texas is famous for having rodents in their ceilings!” I don’t know how she knows that. If my […]

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No, I’m Not Getting Married (So Stop Asking!)

I am moving to Seattle on Wednesday. With my boyfriend. I love him, he loves me and we think the Pacific Northwest seems like a cool place to live, so we’re moving there together. Maybe we will love it. Maybe we won’t. We will see. My boyfriend asked me to move with him last August, […]

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