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Music Monday: Sunny (for Mom)

This Music Monday post goes out to my mom, who celebrated her somethingth birthday yesterday. My mom instilled in me a passion for all music, but particularly soul. Some of my most cherished memories are from my early childhood, sliding around in my socks on the tile floor, dancing to The Temptations (among many others) […]

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Music Monday: Playlist for a Friend Walking 30 Days Straight

One of my best friends in the entire world is an Aussie named Shannon. She’s Au-some*. Really, though- a gem through and through. She’s currently a social worker in Australia, changing lives and warming hearts. Shannon is a special person for many reasons, one of which is her desire for quality life experiences. That is why last […]

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Music Tuesday: Mavis Staples, Live in Seattle

This week’s Music Monday is Music Tuesday because I had Labor Day off and we spent it at Rainier National Park. Our friend Wayne was in town for the holiday weekend and it was his first time out west, so he wanted the full Seattle experience. That included going to the Bumbershoot Festival on Saturday. Wayne […]

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Music Monday: Juicy

In 1994, I was in third grade and my primary music taste tended towards Oldies 104.3, Chicago’s golden oldies station at the time (it is since no more). I was not listening to The Notorious B.I.G. In fact, I kind of avoided hip hop for years.  My personal development through the years can be directly […]

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Depression & Distant Empathy

I love someone who suffers from depression. Actually, I love more than one someone who suffers from depression. You probably do too (whether you know or acknowledge it). The outpouring of love for the great and talented Robin Williams is heartwarming for sure. I am, as many of you are, moved by it all. When […]

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Music Monday: Spotify

I need to post on this blog more, not only because my best friend made it for me and will give me so much shit if I don’t, but also because right now it is my only creative outlet. In order to hold myself to this, I’m giving myself assignments. So, that means that every […]

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I realize that the time I spend thinking about how much I hate the overuse of “lol” could be better spent hating things like famine or factory farms or adults still wearing Livestrong bracelets (all things I do hate when they come to mind, by the way), but those things aren’t thrown in my face […]

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