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Sammon Says: What I (Kind of ) Know

I’m bad at a lot of things. When I consider all the things in the world one could be good at, I realize that I’m bad at most of them. Math? Bad Anything involving the words “systematic”, “analytic”, “linear”, or “logic”? Ugh, not even interested. Driving? Okayish, besides multiple speeding tickets (a decade ago) and […]

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Read a F*cking Book

Ten years ago, my friend Nate got us a seasonal job handing out mints for a well-known gum company in Chicago. It paid $14 an hour, which was huge for a couple of lazy theater majors in 2006. Our task was simple: show up at a Chicago landmark at the scheduled time, receive your mints from the […]

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One night, when I was 13 years old, I wished upon a falling star that Joe Vanderhoof and I would fall in love and get married. Joe Vanderhoof was a family friend of ours, three years my senior. We grew up together and then one day he morphed into a hot teen and I fell in […]

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A few weeks ago, I flew back to Seattle after a weekend in Chicago. It was my second trip home this year and I am set to make two more before the year ends. Three out of four of these trips have been/will be for the sole purpose of seeing my new baby nephew. I look […]

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I Don’t Drink Like I Used To

Some facts about me and alcohol: I have never been the type of person who could brag about drinking other people under the table*. The only person I could drink under the table would be a toddler and that’s an inhumane thing to put a toddler through. I was never a “kegstand every night of […]

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What to Expect When You’re 30 and Unmarried

Turning 30 means a lot of things to a lot of people. To many it means: “SHIT!?! Hurry up! Get married, pop out some kids, and quit messin’ around!” Women especially cringe about 30 (and aging in general), because of the looming threat of dried ovaries and sagging boobs. A middle-aged co-worker told me the […]

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In the Meantime

I have not blogged since October. At first, it was because of a persistent pinched nerve in my upper back. After a day in front of the computer at work, the last thing I needed was to hunch and lean some more. Then I got used to not writing. Then I got holiday-lazy and then […]

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Summer ’14: Get Out

Last summer was our first season in Seattle. We spent a lot of it stressed out and lost. Literally lost. We relied on our GPS for the simplest trips. Both Brandon and I had jobs we hated with wonky schedules. I got sick from food allergies that I didn’t know I had yet. We didn’t […]

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Music Monday: Monthly Playlists

I don’t journal as much as I should, but I do make monthly playlists. The correlation? Monthly playlists can tell Future Me what I was up to at a certain time, or at the very least, remind me of that time. Like, why did I put Janet Jackson’s “Escapade” in my March ’13 playlist? I […]

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