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Sammon Says: Grow a Spine

Welcome to the FIRST EVER advice post on Sammon Says!!!! Thank you to “Spineless in Seattle” for writing! Here goes… Dear Kate/Sammon Says, I’ve always struggled with failure. And the fear of that failure has determined how I live much of my life. I’ve recently decided to make some changes – primarily by doing the whole “fake […]

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I Don’t Drink Like I Used To

Some facts about me and alcohol: I have never been the type of person who could brag about drinking other people under the table*. The only person I could drink under the table would be a toddler and that’s an inhumane thing to put a toddler through. I was never a “kegstand every night of […]

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In the 6th grade, one of our assigned reading books was The Secret of NIMH. For those unfamiliar with the story, it’s about a recently widowed mouse (yes, I just said “widowed mouse”) who needs to move her home out of a tractor’s path, but can’t because her little mouse son has pneumonia. If you’d […]

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