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Once Upon a Time in the Pacific Northwest

We moved west for the mountains. Me, because I wanted to marvel at them. Him, because he wanted to hike them. In 2013, my then-boyfriend/now-husband and I packed up our 2006 Chrysler Minivan (a gift from his dad) and drove 2,000 miles to Seattle. We didn’t have jobs, but we had secured an apartment and […]

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Oh Baby

I have a soundtrack to my life. You probably do too. Walking down the street with my headphones on gives purpose to the mundane and everyday. When I heard this song last summer, it sounded especially cinematic and made me think of those romantic build-up scenes in 80’s movies; running across campus in the rain, […]

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Anthony Bourdain once said about Chicago, “This one of the truly most awesome cities in the world…it’s like the greatest city in America.” Chicago will always be home. I grew up 15 minutes outside the city limits, went to undergrad there and lived in my first apartment there, overlooking the lake on the North Side. […]

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Adele: Our Universal BFF

My bed was made up of a thin mattress that sat atop another thin mattress, which sat atop multiple mattress pads. It was concave at its center, and I sunk neatly into it. My iPod had died a few months before I’d left for Costa Rica, and rather than expend the effort towards getting it […]

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Telling Stories (For Mom)

When I was a little kid, I visualized my parents’ childhoods in black and white. Trees were not green, Dad’s hair was not red. Things were black, white and gray, just like the pictures I had seen. To a five year-old, it made perfect sense.”When you were little, it was black and white!”, I insisted. […]

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F*ck “F*ck Yes or No”

In the last year, I’ve noticed an article trending called “Fuck Yes or No”. It was featured on a self-help website run by a guy named Mark Manson, who is a self-proclaimed “Author. Thinker. Life-enthusiast.” Mark Manson writes and thinks and is enthusiastic about life! How’s THAT for a triple threat? Mark Manson’s site looks […]

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A Desk Defiled

When I was about eleven years old, my grandparents gave me my mom’s old desk. It was the one that had sat in her room all throughout her childhood and where, I imagine, she had sat doing homework and writing notes to Kathy Palmer. It was a meaningful gesture, one whose meaning I did not […]

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When I was 25: The House in San Blas

Our lovely roommate, James, lived with us the first month at the house.  There were 93 steps up to our house. That was one way to get there. The other way was the tourist route- through the Plaza de Armas, up the wide cobblestone steps, past the shops and the Cholitas with their Alpacas (“Peek-chur? […]

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When I was 25: Landing in the Andes

As the small plane made its descent into Cusco, I looked down at the mountains. We were landing right smack dab in the middle of the storied Andes. I had arrived. Most of the range was brown and greenish with a few snow-capped peaks peppered in. They seemed inviting. Being from the Midwest, I had […]

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