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Friend Break-up

Sammon Says: That’s (Not) What Friends are For

Hello Sammon Says, I don’t know what it is about me, but I seem to attract “best” friends that treat me like, for lack of a better word, shit. So, I find myself, yet again, in a position of being “best” friends with someone who I don’t really believe actually deserves that title. The only […]

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Sammon Says: Grow a Spine

Welcome to the FIRST EVER advice post on Sammon Says!!!! Thank you to “Spineless in Seattle” for writing! Here goes… Dear Kate/Sammon Says, I’ve always struggled with failure. And the fear of that failure has determined how I live much of my life. I’ve recently decided to make some changes – primarily by doing the whole “fake […]

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Sammon Says: What I (Kind of ) Know

I’m bad at a lot of things. When I consider all the things in the world one could be good at, I realize that I’m bad at most of them. Math? Bad Anything involving the words “systematic”, “analytic”, “linear”, or “logic”? Ugh, not even interested. Driving? Okayish, besides multiple speeding tickets (a decade ago) and […]

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