On Facebook: Trash-ive Aggression (a PSA)

Sometimes when I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed, I’ll see posts like,

“Well at least I’M not a skank ass bitch!”


“Some people just don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. I have a good man. Your life is just sad.”

I like to imagine the people who post those types of statuses standing at a street corner, screaming these things while other people pass by, confused. “Are you talking to me? Oh, you’re talking to that person? Which person? They should just KNOW? Okay.”

Whenever I see these posts, I think, “Wait…you’re still doing this?” I’m reminded of away messages on AIM or your AOL profile, in which you could post cryptic quotes or statements to the best friend who stopped talking to you after you got mad at her for having a Mike’s Hard Lemonade that one time, but really you were just jealous because she drank before you did.

THAT’S what those posts remind me of.

Do you do that AND read my blog? Then take heed, my trashy [Facebook] friend and change your ways!

(I want to reiterate that this is only sometimes. My feed is typically full of people in their late 20’s posting about a baby they had or a wedding they’re planning or a Buzzfeed list about how introverts are people too.)


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