Music Monday: Spotify

I need to post on this blog more, not only because my best friend made it for me and will give me so much shit if I don’t, but also because right now it is my only creative outlet. In order to hold myself to this, I’m giving myself assignments. So, that means that every Monday I’m going to post a song or something music-related. It might seem like I only decided to do that because music and Monday both start with M, and that’s partly true, but really- I love music and I think I have good taste in it. (I know, of course I think that…)

Today’s topic is Spotify in general, because that is my go-to music source these days. A few years back, my itunes got all messed up and then my ipod died. I lost a lot of great music. It was sad. But then, a year and a half ago, I got an iphone and put Spotify on it. I learned you could pay monthly for Spotify ($9.99) and make your music available offline. It is so worth it. I have access to a LOT* of music- I get to see what other people are listening to, share playlists and albums with other users, and I also get a lot of good recs from the “Discover” section. I don’t miss Pandora because Spotify has the same situation with their “radio” option. In short, this last year or so has expanded my musical library even further.

So, for today’s Music Monday, I’m sharing my #1 Most Best Faves playlist. It is ever growing, but this is where it’s at now. Yeah, there’s some real cheese on there, thanks to sentiment, but it’s good cheese. (Phil Collins AND Dolly Parton both on the SAME list!!!)

If you don’t know how to click on links within sentences (and why don’t you?!), here’s the link to that list again-

If you’re on Spotify, follow me! Just search for Kate Sammon. Let’s share some music!


*Spotify doesn’t have The Beatles on it. That kinda sucks.



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