When I was 25: Landing in the Andes

As the small plane made its descent into Cusco, I looked down at the mountains. We were landing right smack dab in the middle of the storied Andes. I had arrived. Most of the range was brown and greenish with a few snow-capped peaks peppered in. They seemed inviting. Being from the Midwest, I had […]

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When I was 25: Costa Rica

“It has been a whirlwind week for me- after 25 years of never once stepping foot onto another country’s soil, I now have 3 whole stamps on my passport- Mexico, Guatemala & Costa Rica! Who’s a big girl now?! (Me. I’m a big girl now.)” – My 2010 blog, Let’s Call a Gringa a Gringa* […]

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When I Was 25: Leaving Town

About 6 months ago, I installed the Timehop app on my phone. After awhile, I started to notice that my posts from early 2010 and prior were the most cringeworthy. There was a noted change in what and how I posted in 2010 compared to years that followed. I posted a lot of mundane things- […]

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I Don’t Drink Like I Used To

Some facts about me and alcohol: I have never been the type of person who could brag about drinking other people under the table*. The only person I could drink under the table would be a toddler and that’s an inhumane thing to put a toddler through. I was never a “kegstand every night of […]

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What to Expect When You’re 30 and Unmarried

Turning 30 means a lot of things to a lot of people. To many it means: “SHIT!?! Hurry up! Get married, pop out some kids, and quit messin’ around!” Women especially cringe about 30 (and aging in general), because of the looming threat of dried ovaries and sagging boobs. A middle-aged co-worker told me the […]

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In the Meantime

I have not blogged since October. At first, it was because of a persistent pinched nerve in my upper back. After a day in front of the computer at work, the last thing I needed was to hunch and lean some more. Then I got used to not writing. Then I got holiday-lazy and then […]

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The Torch

Flint Sweet Flint

I have a lot of love for Flint, Michigan and it’s a place I like to be, but I would have never known that if I didn’t fall in love with a guy from there. I would have gone along with the masses and shrugged it off as one of Michigan’s tragic towns, Detroit Jr. […]

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Music Monday: John Cicora

If I say it once, I’ll say it ten thousand times- one of the coolest things about living in a great city far from the great city we came from is the visitors. Friends, family and acquaintances come on vacation and pass through here all the time. Lucky for us, that means we get to have a […]

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Music Monday: Beginnings (For Mom ‘n Dad)

“Did you know this was the last song played at our wedding? Grandpa paid the band extra to stay and keep playing. They were a brass band and they were AWESOME…You know, this was one of Grandma Fran’s favorite songs…” That’s usually how one or both of my parents tell it any time that “Beginnings” […]

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Music Monday: Sunny (for Mom)

This Music Monday post goes out to my mom, who celebrated her somethingth birthday yesterday. My mom instilled in me a passion for all music, but particularly soul. Some of my most cherished memories are from my early childhood, sliding around in my socks on the tile floor, dancing to The Temptations (among many others) […]

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