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Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You: 13 StoriesSomething I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You: 13 Stories by Alice Munro
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I hope this book sets the standard for all the other books I’m going to read this year. It was damn near perfect. This is the second book of Munro’s I’ve read and now I am a verified fan. She’s phenomenal.

I found out about Alice Munro after reading a lot of Ray Carver’s work and searching for authors like him. Someone said that Alice Munro was the female version of Raymond Carver and I can definitely see the parallels, but dare I say that Munro is better? Well, there I said it. She’s better than Ray Carver and I love Ray Carver.

Okay, now WHO should read this book? Not everyone! Seriously, I would not just hand this off to any person looking around for some stories to read. This book is LIT-ER-A-TURE, okay? It’s art. You have to have a great appreciation of words AND a keen interest in the human condition to want to read this book, or any of her books. Munro writes about very real human issues and when reading her stories, one doesn’t find escape so much as validation on some of the most primal human parts of ourselves. These stories are about flaws, pain, and they are focused mainly on female characters, which is especially cool.

I’m thrilled to have started the year confirming that I do, in fact, have a new favorite author. Happy (or more likely, sad) reading!

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And as always, read a fucking book.

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