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sammon says

I’m bad at a lot of things. When I consider all the things in the world one could be good at, I realize that I’m bad at most of them.

Math? Bad

Anything involving the words “systematic”, “analytic”, “linear”, or “logic”? Ugh, not even interested.

Driving? Okayish, besides multiple speeding tickets (a decade ago) and one totaled family van (12 years ago)

Finances? Totally terrible

Waking up early when I repeatedly say I’m going to? Yeah, bad at that too

I’m also bad at just physically getting around. My boyfriend says I have poor spacial awareness. Despite the fact that I’ve spent the last decade of my life in major metropolitan areas on a daily basis, I still stop quickly on a busy sidewalk and look around to gather my thoughts, whilst wearing a large, cumbersome backpack. I am certain, absolutely certain, people have seen me in public and at times assumed I did not have all my marbles. Twice in my adolescence I walked straight into lamp poles and hit my head. One time, I swung my new golf club in slow motion and accidentally broke my mother’s chandelier and the Waterford Crystal bowl AND the candlesticks beneath it.

Oh, I was just reminded that I can never spell adolescence right. Or diarrhea, for that matter. And despite the fact that I love to read and write, my drafts are always riddled with typos.

I think it’s important to know what I’m bad at. That’s how I knew never to apply to drive a semi, or go to Law School, or become someone who divides fractions for a living.

I think it’s also important to know what I’m good at.

(Though, I think it’s important to note here that there’s no way I could be aware of all the things I’m good and bad at. I’ll leave that burden to the people with whom I am most intimately acquainted.)

Okay, back to what I’m good at. 31 years around the sun and I know I’m fairly good at people. Maybe because people are my favorite part of life. Or maybe it’s because I am a “people” myself, so perhaps they’re the easiest thing for me to grasp? Whatever the reason, I’m pretty good at human part of life: figuring people out, appreciating them, noticing the red flags in their lives, hashing out relationship issues, understanding what kind of playlists people like to hear at a party, etc. etc.

I think this people-liking thing is the root of the other thing I’m kind of okay at: telling stories. Everyone, everyone, EVERYONE has a story. And there’s value in all of them, something to gather, something to pass along.

I have long admired the advice columnist. There is something comforting in having a “distant nobody”, someone orbiting outside a problem, offering a new perspective. I’ve often daydreamed of one day having my own column (blog, vlog). It wasn’t until recently, after multiple friends told me I could, in fact, actually dole out worthy advice in a public forum, that I decided, what the hell? Let’s give it a go.

This is my long, round-about way of saying that I’m working on a project and I need people. This may go absolutely nowhere, but I’d be silly not to do something for fear of failure or misperception.

I’m starting something called Sammon Says, a page on this here blog, where inquiries can be submitted.

Here’s the link:

My goal is to let what comes into this, eventually come out in a vlog and at times, blog entries. We’ll see where it takes us.

After all, there’s only one way to get better at the things you’re good at, and that’s to do the damn thing(s).


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