Stuff I Liked on the Internet This Week (August 14th)

Hi there and happy Friday! We’ve made it to the end of another soul-sucking week in 2020. Hope this finds you HEALTHY and mentally stable. I’m trying a new thing where I compile beneficial/interesting/funny/cute things I enjoyed or learned from on the internet during the previous week and share it here.

Okay, here we go…

Turns out the very practical/kinda stylish(?) neck gaiters are a no-go when it comes to blocking out virus germs. This bummed my hubs and I out, as we love ours, but hey! we’ve been presented with new information, so we are changing. I ordered some new eco-friendly masks from Rothy’s.

This piece of satire by Kellyanne’s hubby in the Washington Post. It’s essentially a breakdown of how I read my Trumpy Facebook friend’s posts. (Also, I’m fascinated by what’s up with their marriage/her job- what’s the deal?! Can’t wait for the inevitable book…)

Looking for some investigative journalism? I was surprised by the content and the research put into this piece on a site I usually go to for snarky pop culture. It’s no surprise that the GOP is rallying behind a guy with a swiss cheese resume (It’s full of holes!) and “subtle” nods to white supremacy in his background. He’s handsome! And a “fighter”! Credentials? Not necessary!

I read this, really wanting to know how this woman, who played it real safe, got COVID. I didn’t learn that, but I did learn more about virus transmission. I mean, this makes perfect sense, but apparently, the less germs that enter your body, the less sick you’re likely to be. So if one droplet gets into my lungs, I’m likely to be less sick than I would be had I let five in. Also, I think if you read any part of this, it should be this part:

So let my story be a parable. Even if you wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and social-distance, as you must, you might still contract this disease. Call it an atmospheric threat. I was fine, I was able to isolate, I recovered, and, for as long as my immunity lasts, I’ll be one less body capable of continuing the spread. But back in April, my family had asked me to visit on Easter, right before I became symptomatic. I almost did. If I had, I might have killed my seventy-seven-year-old mother. There are some things that cannot be known, but they don’t matter. We know the virus spreads with chilling ease—in other words, we know enough. Be humble in the face of nature.

Freelance journalist (and very smart person) Sam Becker’s weekly newsletter, Not Pretty, Not Rich, is a helpful breakdown of the news written in a way that’s succinct and digestible. I especially enjoyed how he unpacks all the post office drama this week.

Honorable Mention: Things I Liked on Instagram & Twitter This Week

Here’s the link to Ava’s original post. I am a progressive. I was not for Biden. And as much as I love Kamala’s fortitude and swagger, I wasn’t for her either. I was a Liz/Bernie gal (still am), but I understand that I’m living in a country far more conservative than I am. Ava took the words right out of my mouth. #VoteBlue

I highly recommend following Psychology Today on Insta for little reminders/nuggets of wisdom like this.

This tweet from UN Representative Mohamad Safa. He’s a good follow. And he’s right.

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This baby had the run of a man that works 80 hours a week on the road. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love it. Video by ahatter5 on tiktok. #tonybakervo

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I hope we all run toward the weekend with the same vigor as this little bb does. (Tony Baker is a fun follow on Insta.)


That’s all for this week, folks! I could have gone and on and on because wow, what a world we live in! But I figured I’d stop there.

Stay informed, check your sources, do good things, be good people…

…and for the love of god, wear a mask!

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    Martin Sammon August 16, 2020 at 2:30 am #

    Very thoughtful, you’ve made me think.

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