That Time I Couldn’t Finish Amy Schumer’s Book

Facebook Memories reminded me that on this day last year, I canned Amy Schumer’s stupid book.


The Girl with the Lower Back TattooThe Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I like Amy Schumer? Maybe? I thought I did? I’m inching closer and closer to the conclusion that I’d like Amy Schumer in the contexts of real life, like if I went to high school with her, I’d think she was cool. But as a global phenomenon? I’m not so sure. I think her stand-up is good sometimes, but I’ve never been bowled over by it. I think her show has shining moments, but doesn’t come close to bringing the joy and ingenuity that something like Broad City does.

I got almost all the way through this book and then succumbed to the fact that I was wasting my time. Life is too short to read “book deal” books- the kind of books that are written to capitalize on current fame. Amy is not an author. She may write comedy, but it’s clear that essays are not her forte. They are riddled with cliches. When talking about her abusive ex-boyfriend she ties up the story and puts a bow on it, as if she were a counselor talking to 13-year-old girls- “I was finally able to see him for who he really was. I could see that he presented to the world a facade…” Okaaaaay? That’s as deep as you can go with this?

At the start of the book, there are some laugh out loud moments, but as the book goes on, it starts to drone. It felt like she was just listing off things that happened to her, while giving herself a lot of credit for being strong and hard-working. She says that after her father’s company fails that her family was “poor”, but I’m not sure Amy knows what poor means and I’m not sure she knows just how very privileged she has been her entire life. (I feel like I grew up in the same world she did, which is probably why I’ve found her so relatable at times.)

Amy Schumer comes across as a snarky woman, whose beliefs are in the right place, but whose ego and lack of self-awareness get in the way. Until she starts writing movies worth watching and books worth finishing, I think we should all scale back the hype.

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